Management Team

Our team has a track record of performance that is combined with the following strengths:

  • Congenial management with integrity.
  • Experienced senior management with over 70-years of collective real estate and financial market experience.
  • High regard for personalized advice and continuous communication with clients.
  • Ability to perform unbiased independent third party due diligence.
  • Intimate knowledge of the local culture and language of Cyprus and Greece, and excellent understanding of the business culture.
  • Accountability and responsibility for legal, financial, banking, and compliance issues.
  • Ability to offer a wide choice of options without compromising on honesty, integrity and independence
  • Dedication of time in educating our clients with all issues that can affect the long term value of their investment.
  • Experience and proprietary technology in the valuation of commercial real estate investments.
  • Expertise and technology in dynamic, portfolio techniques, which are considered to be superior to alternative portfolio selection techniques.
  • Expertise in the areas of structuring of various types of arrangements that can protect our client’s assets and investments.
  • Industry contacts and collaboration with leading financial institutions world wide.


Andreas Pericli, Ph.D, Senior Managing Director

Dr. Pericli is a Managing Director at A&R Cyprus-Greece Fine Properties, Ltd. Dr.  Pericli is involved with all management aspects of the Firm. Dr. Pericli also has a leading role with Euclid Financial Group, Inc.  He is responsible for all final investment and trading decisions, risk management analysis as well as with the commercial real estate activities of the company. In that capacity he managed and traded hundreds of millions of fixed income assets.  Prior to joining Euclid Financial Group, he led the prepayment modeling team and served as Director of Structuring and Valuation and Director of Financial Engineering at Freddie Mac for six years.  His research added significant value to the firm during his six year tenure at Freddie Mac.  Prior to that, Dr. Pericli was a senior research analyst with Salomon Smith Barney.  He holds a Ph.D. in Econometrics and Financial Economics from the City University of New York.  Dr. Pericli was a student of professor Harry Markowitz, a Nobel Laureate in Economics and professor Salih Neftci, a leader in derivatives and financial engineering.  He is the author of eighteen journal articles and three book chapters in a variety of areas of finance.  In 1998, he also served as a guest editor of the Managerial Finance journal on “Yield Curve and the Term Structure of Interest Rates.”  His publications include papers in the Journal of Investing, the Managerial Finance Journal, the Journal of Fixed Income, the Journal of Real Estate Finance and the Economics, and the Journal of Future Markets.  He is listed in the 2000-2001 Millenium Edition of Strathmore’s WHO’s WHO as an individual who has demonstrated leadership and achievement in his occupation and industry profession. Dr. Pericli has also been a frequent speaker in investment conferences on economic and other issues that relate to residential and commercial mortgages and mortgage-backed securities valuation and hedging.      


Jason Hu, Managing Director

Mr. Hu is a Managing Director at A&R Cyprus-Greece Fine Properties, Ltd. He is responsible for Overseas Business Development and Real Estate Investments. He holds a an MBA in Finance from the Louvain La Neuve in Belgium. Mr. Hu also has an All But Thesis defense from the Ph.D. program of the City University of NY. Mr. Hu is a leader in financial modeling and financial valuation including the commercial and risk management of commercial real estate. Over the last 20-years he worked with several Wall Street firms that include but are not limited to Citigroup, GMAC RFC, FBR capital markets, Advanta Mortgage, Chase Mortgage, and Freddie Mac. Mr. Hu has managed and advised hundreds of millions of fixed income and commercial real estate investments.


Pericles Pericleous, Managing Director

Mr. Pericles Pericleous is a Managing Director of the Euclidean Capital Market Advisers, Ltd. He is a senior member of the investment and transaction teams, which handle property acquisition, renovations, disposition, financing and refinancing for all commercial portfolio assets. Mr. Pericleous has over 28 years of experience in real estate and construction management in Greece, Cyprus and other countries. His construction management experience includes but is not limited to hotels, multiplexes, cinemas, theme parks, office buildings, condominiums, houses or villas, bank branches, retail roll outs, commercial or industrial steel or concrete structure buildings, landscaping etc. Mr. Pericleous holds a MSc in Civil- Structural Engineering [5 years of studies] in NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) which is considered to be the top civil and mechanical engineering university in Greece. His affiliations include but are not limited to: 1) Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), Reg. No 49589 2) Civil Engineers Association of Greece (SPME), and 3) Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), Reg. No A128193  His construction management experience includes the Extension and Renovation of Doha Intercontinental Hotel in Doha, Qatar. 


Dmitry Beskurnikov, Managing Director

Dmitry Beskurnikov, Managing Director at A & R Cyprus-Greece Fine Properties, Ltd., is responsible for Business Development in Russia and Adjacent Countries. He has many years of experience in international trade and finance. In particular, Mr.Beskurnikov was a co-founder and a deputy chairman of the Commercial Bank "Mezhtopenergobank", headed the Division of Cooperation with International Financial Organizations within the Administration of the Government of the Russian Federation. For the past 10 years he has been the Representative in the U.S.A. at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation .Mr. Beskurnikov graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) with a degree in international economic relations, and he took a postgraduate course at the same institute, as well as the course of Business Administration at the All-Union Academy of Foreign Trade. He improved his skills passing the course of Senior Policy on Privatization and Evaluation of Assets at the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. Mr. Beskurnikov has been a Member of the Board of San Francisco Global Trade Council. He is a Member of Business Advisory Board at Eurasia Center/Eurasia Business Coalition in Washington D.C.


Reginos Pericli, Managing Director

Mr. Reginos Pericleous is a Managing Director at A&R Cyprus-Greece Fine Properties, Ltd.  He is responsible for all residential real estate advisory services.  Prior to joining A&R Cyprus-Greece Fine Properties, Ltd, Mr. Periclous worked in several senior accounting and management positions predominantly in the hospitality industry. Mr. Pericleous holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Greek and Kapodestriakon University of Athens, Greece.


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Cyprus property prices point to an accelerating growth, according to the THIRTIETH edition of the RICS (Cyprus) Property Price Index.

Cyprus property prices point to an accelerating growth, according to the THIRTIETH edition of the RICS (Cyprus) Property Price Index.

Cyprus residential and commercial real estate prices point to a continuous rapid growth according to THE THIRTIETH publication of the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index...

Demand for Real Estate Keeps Trending up in Cyprus

Demand for Real Estate Keeps Trending up in Cyprus

Real Estate Demand in Cyprus Keeps Becoming Stronger...

Strong Growth in Cyprus Property Sales

Strong Growth in Cyprus Property Sales

Strong growth in Cyprus property sales



CYPRUS’ GOLDEN Visa Program that gives foreigners residency permit or citizenship in exchange of investment in real estate has fetched €4 billion in revenue to Cyprus in the past one year.

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A&R Cyprus-Greece Fine Properties, Ltd (A&R CGFP) is a diversified real estate services provider, exclusively representing overseas buyers and investors who are looking to buy fine residential or income producing commercial real estate properties in Cyprus and Greece. Our team has over 70-years of combined experience in the global capital markets and a deep understanding of the local real estate and financial markets of Cyprus and Greece.

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